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  • Black and Whites in Seventh Heaven

    29th April, 2019

    Round 8 – Adelaide City vs Fulham United match report by Chloe Lau Adelaide City ran amuck with a 7-0 win in their second meeting against Fulham United last night,…Read more... more

  • Clinical City triumph over rivals Metro

    7th April, 2019

    By Chloe Lau Adelaide City ran amuck with a 4-2 win in last night’s Grand Final rematch against arch rivals Metro United in Round 5 of the WNPL at VALO…Read more... more

  • City put five past Salisbury Inter

    30th March, 2019

    Round 4 – Adelaide City vs Salisbury Inter match report By Euan James @euanjames_ Adelaide City reaffirmed their position at the top of the table with a 5-2 win over…Read more... more

  • City triumph over Fulham

    16th March, 2019

    Round 2 WNPL – Fulham United vs Adelaide City match report   Adelaide City has brought the party to a chilly night at West Beach Parks with a thumping 0-8…Read more... more