Adelaide City FC Appoint Full Time GM

Adelaide City FC Appoint Full Time GM

Adelaide City FC is pleased to announce Marcus Lacey has been appointed to the full time position of General Manager of the club effective immediately.

“Marcus brings a skillset and passion which makes him ideally suited to the role. He has extensive HR experience, a vast understanding of the club and the sport, and leadership capabilities to manage the club’s extensive operations. We are delighted to have him take up this new role” said Football Chairman Tony Costa.

Lacey identified the opportunity to assist Adelaide City FC achieve it’s goals as a privilege. “This club has a long history stemming back to its formation over 70 years ago. During that time it has always been characterised by success, and bringing people together. Those attributes remain with the club today, and I am looking forward to continuing to build on these. There is much hard work ahead of us, but we will relish the challenge and make a difference.”  He will retain the function of Commercial Manager as part of the move.

The transition comes as part of further development of the organisational structure to accommodate the ongoing progress and development of the club.

Costa outlined the reasons and benefits of the move. “Adelaide City aims to be the best NPL club in Australia. To do that we have a number of objectives including develop our football curriculum, increase game day attendance, win championships at senior level, ensure financial sustainability, upgrade facilities and prepare for national expansion. The appointment of a General Manager combined with additional organisational changes will enable us to progress our endeavour.”

Key to Adelaide City FC’s football operations, are the football facilities spread across three campuses. Fittingly, the City of Adelaide itself hosts two of these in the parkland precinct, accommodating hundreds of players nightly and on weekend match days. The third, at Oakden, incorporates two first class fields – a brand new synthetic pitch, and one of the state’s best grass fields. A new state of the art lighting system for both is just weeks away. The Oakden facility also houses a thriving bistro and restaurant, along with function and meeting rooms, and offices.

“Our facilities are expansive, corresponding with our player base, and number of volunteers. The new organsiational structure will greatly enhance the club’s operational capabilities as we continue to build, and will be headquartered at Oakden. The club is looking to the future” stated Costa.