Amalgamation Complete

Amalgamation Complete

Adelaide City FC is proud to officially announce the amalgamation of the men’s and women’s clubs. The move was formally sanctioned at the recent AGM of Adelaide City Women’s FC. The move sees Adelaide City FC now become not only the most successful club in South Australia, but with the recent affiliation this year of Unley Rangers as well, the biggest.

Some 52 teams and 756 players will take to the field in an estimated 1,300 games when the new season starts in 2016. Spread across three locations, home matches will be played at Hutt St Parklands in the city, Unley Rd Parklands in the city and at Adelaide City Park at Oakden.

Having parted ways more than a decade ago when it was considered an opportunity for both to progress independently, the time is now right for the two bodies to rejoin. “This move will provide the opportunity to share resources, increase overall club promotion and increase the capability of the club to provide the opportunity to the youth of Adelaide to enjoy the game of football,” said Football Committee Chairman, Alf Ianniello. “The club will field a combined 39 junior teams, with the prospect of more growth to come. We now have in place the resources to be able to provide quality coaching and technical direction to these young players, creating a positive environment of learning and enjoyment,” he added.

Women’s President, Mary Fabris was equally positive; “After many years separated, the time is right to join again with the boys. Our girls will have improved opportunities to play and develop, better promotion of their game and more resources to develop. Overall, there are significant benefits for women’s football which is what we want to see,” she concluded.

The merger of all three clubs, places Adelaide City FC as the biggest club in South Australia, not unnoticed by the Advertiser. Saturday’s weekend edition suggested “potentially the new mega sports club of the state.”