Barefoot to Boots

Adelaide City's Senior Football Chairman Fred Lenzi (fourth from left) and FFSA WNPL Player of the Year City's Daniela Di Bartolo (right) join in the support for Barefoot to Boots Foundation

Barefoot to Boots

Football Federation SA was delighted to announce the contribution of football kits, bags and boots to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya and the Barefoot to Boots Foundation when it joined with Member Clubs at Coopers Stadium to make the announcement last week.

Courtesy FFSA

The Foundation, co-founded by Adelaide businessman Ian Smith and former Adelaide United player Awer Mabil was established last year and will visit Kakuma for the third time this December.

Together with FFSA Member Clubs, FFSA was able to donate in excess of 500 kits as well balls, bags and boots to a fantastic cause.

The Kakuma Refugee Camp houses nearly 200,000 refugees, and football has developed within the Camp to the point of running its own Premier League.

The equipment and apparel donated will assist in improving the way of life for so many who call Kakuma home.

FFSA Chief Executive, Michael Carter was thrilled with what has been achieved.

“It is great to see that the Football Family has got behind this great cause,” he said.

“Our Football Family supports the African community and provides them with a welcoming environment, providing this amount of gear to the Camp will make a positive impact for those less fortunate than us who love football”.