Finalists at Sports Awards

Adelaide City's Isabella Scalzi, Edoardo Rosso, Mim Luksa and Michelle Male at the Adelaide City Sports Awards 2016

Finalists at Sports Awards

Last night, Adelaide City Women joined with hundreds of other Adelaide athletes, officials and dignitaries at the City of Adelaide Sports Awards 2016. Held at the North Adelaide Golf Club, the awards recognised outstanding contributions and performances across all sports.

Adelaide City Women’s National Premier League team, and it’s coach, Edoardo Rosso, were nominated, and then shortlisted to the final three, in the “Clubs SA Team of the Year” and “Beyond Bank Coach or Official of the Year” respectively. In both categories, the Women were narrowly beaten by some very high standard nominations. Adelaide City FC would like to congratulate all winners, the Adelaide City Council for hosting the Awards and thank all Award sponsors.

Congratulations Edoardo and Adelaide City Women’s National Premier League team on a fitting recognition of the high standards achieved on and off the field, and all the many hours of hard work and commitment.

Clubs SA Team of the Year.

Adelaide City

Photo Adam Butler

Adelaide City Women’s Football Club has proudly been a part of the FFSA Premier League Division for many years now. Since 2009 the team has won 5 Premier League titles, 2 Cup Finals and 6 Charity Cups. The number of titles and cups won over the years are a true reflection of the playing consistency and strong club ethos that the team demonstrates year after year.

The team has also produced very successful individuals who have taken home their own awards. In 2015, the goal keeper was awarded the FFSA Goal Keeper Of The Year Award and one of the Adelaide City players was awarded the FFSA Best Player Of The Year Award.

Although individual awards are always encouraged and praised, the real strength of this team is their ability to always work as a united group and support each other through the highs and lows of the season. The team and the coaching staff never put an emphasis on winning games but playing the best possible football that the team is capable of. If the team plays their best football then the result will follow, and this has been evident for many years now.

Beyond Bank Coach or Official of the Year

Photo Adam Butler

Photo Adam Butler

Edoardo Rosso has a very strong passion for football that begun when he was growing up in Italy. When Edoardo came to Australia, he wanted to continue his football involvement in a new way and begun coaching girls/women’s teams and he has since coached at a club, school and state level. In 2003 he joined Sturt Marion where he coached for 2 years. In 2005 Edoardo began coaching at Adelaide City Women’s Football Club and remains the Head Coach of the club today. Over the years at Adelaide City, he has successfully coached the Premier League Team to 5 Premier League Titles, 2 Cup Finals and 6 Charity Cup wins.

Along with the great work Edoardo does for Adelaide City, he has also worked with the Universities to pioneer a number of community initiatives to promote health and social development through sports, and in particular football. One of the programs that Edoardo has developed is called ‘Football United’ that focuses on making a difference to people’s lives and the community by using football. These community programs have engaged approximately 500 volunteers and over 2500 participants from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Edoardo Rosso has demonstrated his passion and enthusiasm for football time and time again and he has contributed greatly to the South Australian sporting community.