City Women Ready for WNPL

City Women Ready for WNPL

This Friday marks the beginning of the Women’s National Premier League in South Australia and Adelaide City has the honour of kicking off the competition when it meets Para Hills Knights in Round 1 this Friday, 18 March, at Elite Systems Football Centre at 6:15pm.

Having already commenced the season with a win in the pre-season Charity Cup, this week’s  competition proper launch put’s the effervescent team on the league’s starting blocks.

We caught up with Head Coach Edoardo Rosso to get his thoughts on what lies ahead for the club’s Premier Women’s team.

“I would say that the players and staff are wrapped to represent the re-united club in the WNPL and in true Adelaide City spirit they will go out motivated to gain the much deserved respect that is due to their hard work and dedication to the sport, club and community. We are excited to open the newly formed WNPL in SA and are well aware that it will be a long and demanding season. There are a lot of clubs competing for the top berth leading to the play offs in September and we surely want to be one of them.”

When asked about the player group and season prospects, Rosso was optimnistic and realistic. “We have plenty of very good players, but they know that they are all equal and all there for the same reason: to do well for their club” he said.

“Competition is fierce, but we look at it with optimism as a chance to show what we are capable of and what we are all about, which is a positive, fun, exciting and intense brand of football. We want people to come to the games, witness a good spectacle and take home the notion that wherever there is football, Adelaide City is a force to be reckoned with. We respect the opponents and ourselves, and we live by our motto, which showed us the way for so many years: 100% effort, 100% of the time!” he enthused.

The player group has maintained a core from 2015, a proven competitive force, and added to the mix with new talent.

This Friday night Adelaide City women take on Para Hills Knights in Round 1 this Friday, 18 March, at Elite Systems Football Centre, 46 Cowan St, Angle Park at 6:15pm.

The full 2016 Adelaide City Women’s National Premier League squad is:

3 Matilda MCNAMARA
4 Daniela DI BARTOLO
6 Ally LADAS
8 Isabella SCALZI
9 Dragana KLJAJIC
10 Susan BASSETT
11 Maddie DU RIEU
13 Alison ATKINS
16 Katie ESCA
19 Daphne McLEOD
22 Sarah HABEL
25 Valeria GUAJARDO
20 Matilda COMLEY