City young-gun joins Reds

Photo: 80kms

City young-gun joins Reds

Former Adelaide City FC rising star Massimo Falco has signed for Adelaide United Youth as they prepare for their 2020 NPL season.

Falco impressed many across 2019, starting the year in City’s Under 18 squad before breaking through into the club’s NPL side before the half-way point of the season.

He impressed NPL coach Michael Matricciani so much that he then became a regular on City’s weekly team-sheet – showing his immense talent to both City and NPL fans consistently.

The hard-working and humble Falco displayed a huge amount of gratitude for the many people at City who made the move possible.

“Firstly, I’d love to thank Michael (Matricciani) for giving me the opportunity to play in the first- team alongside many experienced players.

“He showed belief in me and gave me the confidence in gaining the correct mindset for the professional game.

“The club has supported me extensively and I would like to give a very special acknowledgement to Fred Lenzi for his invaluable advice in moving forward.”

City in recent years have proved to be a breeding ground for United, with players such as Carlo Armiento, Nikola Mileusnic and Bruce Kamau all donning the black and white stripes of City before joining the Reds.

Like the aforementioned players, Falco himself sees this as a huge opportunity for him to showcase his skills and continue to get better as a footballer.

“This coming season, my goal is to further improve my football to progress in the direction of playing this game at a high level.”