Club Statement: Adelaide City FC and National Competition

Club Statement: Adelaide City FC and National Competition

Adelaide City FC is a football club with a grand history of endeavor and success. It’s journey, and that of it’s supporters, has been filled with passion and commitment.

From humble post war beginnings, the club provided friendship and purpose, and with roots driven deep in southern soil, grew to become a familiar brand on the Australian sporting landscape. Over its 70 year lifespan, it has been woven into the fabric of Australian football.

Today it sits at the pinnacle of its state’s footballing clubs, and amongst a handful of clubs nationally who are positioned just outside the ten team 1st division competition.

Adelaide City FC will always strive to compete at the highest level possible, and aims to return to national competition.

It’s playing base of over 50 teams, high calibre championship winning senior men’s and women’s teams, and prudent business focused management group, has positioned the club well for the next level.

The current status of the sport in Australia indicates a broad willingness to further develop the game through expansion of national competition, whether this be increasing the number of teams in the 1st division A-League, introduction of a 2nd division “B-League”, a combination of both, or another model.

Adelaide City FC is making this statement now, because real options, with an organised approach, are beginning to emerge for consideration as to how this may take shape, including that put forward by the Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) for a B-League, or ‘Championship’.

Adelaide City FC is taking action regarding proposed pathways forward, but will do so with appropriate and thorough due diligence in its next steps, and all future steps moving towards the national goal.

The club will work to understand the detail of all and any proposals and models presented, and operate with all parties, including Football Federation Australia, Football Federation South Australia, Association of Australian Football Clubs, and fellow clubs, to this end. Adelaide City FC seeks involvement in competition which has the blessing of Football Federation Australia.

There is much to be done before further expansion of national competition becomes reality, but the mood for progress is real. Adelaide City FC will be active in this environment, but with a firm hand on the rudder of reason, prudence, and composure, and will not risk its future to achieve a return to the highest level.