Lenzi To Head Senior Men’s Football

Lenzi To Head Senior Men’s Football

Adelaide City FC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Fred Lenzi to the position of Senior Men’s Committee Chairman. The role has developed as part of the ongoing restructure and expansion of the football club over the past two years and will be pivotal to the management of senior football at Adelaide City.

Success on the field comes about through the supportive hands of many, and the club’s progress at senior level in 2016 is no exception. Whilst Fred has played a key role in this area of late, the new position will enable even greater focus and attention as the club moves forward. The appointment compliments the recent announcement of Mr Greg Slack as Junior Boy’s Committee Chairman and allows appropriate resourcing in both burgeoning areas.

To say Fred’s background in the sport of football is significant is an understatement. He has dedicated well over 30 years to football in Australia, in a variety of roles for his club, Adelaide City FC, and for his country through the national football federation.

He is a life member of Adelaide City FC, having served many years on the board of management including holding positions of Chairman, President and Team Manager. In that role he sat alongside coaching greats Zoran Matic and John Perin in the National Soccer League where he was an integral part of Adelaide City’s National Championships in 1992 and 1994.

Between 1996 and 2000 he served on the board of the Soccer Federation of Australia, holding the role of National Soccer League (NSL) Chairman.

Fred is committed to ensure Adelaide City is the premier football club in South Australia, and working with a new youthful team of dedicated administrators.

Football Chairman Alf Ianniello will continue to oversee all operations of the club ensuring a cohesive and integrated structure between its five divisions of Men’s, Women’s, Boys’, Girls’, and Collegiate football.