Match Preview: Adelaide City v WT Birkalla

City's Anthony Costa, ready to strike

Match Preview: Adelaide City v WT Birkalla

Third-placed West Torrens-Birkalla tackle league-leaders Adelaide City in Round 20 of the PlayStation4 National Premier League South Australia at Adelaide City Park this Saturday.

By Christopher Munker

The Novar Gardens-based side has been in the shadows of Campbelltown City and upcoming opponents Adelaide City all season, but still has been in prolific form in its own right – even defeating Adelaide City 3-1 back in Round Nine.

West Torrens goalkeeper Julian Torresan speaks highly of his team’s current form.

“Team form is really exceptional at the moment,” Torresan said.

“We’ve had a real hard patch of games that we’ve had to play against some hard opposition.

“And the boys have been getting through it quite consistently at the moment, which is good.

“And we’re grinding out wins, which is fantastic.”

Given their current form then, Torresan believes that no adjustments need to be made ahead of the finals.

“We seem to be doing everything right at the moment,” he said.

“We’re playing the game our way, and we’re making teams adjust to us – and we are very fit, and we are getting players back from injury.

“So, I got to say there’s not much that needs to be played with because we’re getting results, and getting good results.

“I don’t think anything needs to be touched.”

As aforementioned, West Torrens defeated Adelaide City in Round Nine, which gives Torresan reason to believe that he and his teammates could replicate their performance from earlier in the season.

“We beat them at home playing our game, so we feel confident that playing them at their ground – it’s a bigger pitch – we still believe that we play our style of football, and we should be able to get three points off them this weekend,” he said.

“I think we’re very similar teams in the way we play, and they will be a hard test for us, but I think we should get three points up on them.”

Adelaide City’s Thomas Love hopes that won’t be the case, as he and his teammates try to extend their eleven games undefeated record through to the end of the regular season.

“I think through the whole of the season we’ve tried to play the best football that we can, so hopefully for the last three games we can keep up that form, and stay on top of the table,” Love said.

Like Torresan, Love thinks that City coach Damian Mori won’t be changing the team’s tactic ahead of the finals.

“Damian’s focus has basically been on our style that we’ve been playing, and just to focus on our game,” he said.

“So no, I think for the last three games we’re just going to keep the same approach really, and go into every game the same, respecting our opponents, and go out there with three points in mind.”

West Torrens-Birkalla were responsible for City’s last loss, and the defeat is very much still in the back of the minds of the City players.

“West Torrens-Birkalla proved that they are a quality team throughout the year,” he said.

“I mean they beat us the first time we played them at their ground.

“They’ve proven that they are very quick going forward, and they have a lot of quality in their team.

“So hopefully, we’ll be able to counter that with the quality in our team as well.”

Written by Christopher Munker


Round 20: Adelaide City v West Torrens-Birkalla
When: Saturday, July 30 at 3 PM.
Where: Adelaide City Park, Cnr Fosters & Hilltop Drive, Oakden.


Adelaide City: Liam Lawless, 1. Matthew Moore (GK), 2. Michael Acton, 3. Alexander Sunasky, 5. Matthew Halliday (C), 6. Jordan Pudler, 7. Joel Allwright, 8. Paul Blefari, 9. Anthony Costa, 10. Nikola Mileusnic, 11. Nicholas Bucco, 12. Lewis Farquhar, 13. Daniel Filosi, 15. Anthony Babb, 16. Thomas Love, 17. Mamadi Kamara, 19. Gabriel Kolopelnyk, 20. Luke Ostbye, 21. Bradley Corbo

West Torrens-Birkalla: Julian Torresan (C) (GK), 4. Tom Dittmar, 5. Scott Nagel, 6. Lawrence D’Arrigo, 7. Fumiya Suzuki, 8. Christopher Skull, 10. Paul Radice, 11. Ryan Yates, 12. Taro Kawamura, 13. William Plush, 14. Charlie Rhodes, 18. Alexander Metanomski, 20. Patrick Pietrosanti, 24. Ian Kamau, 28. Adam Le Cornu, 80. John-Paul Cirillo


Adelaide City: D W W
Round 17: Campbelltown City 1-1 Adelaide City, Steve Woodcock Sports Centre.
Round 18: Adelaide United 1-3 Adelaide City, Elite Systems Football Centre.
Round 19: Adelaide City 2-1 Adelaide Blue Eagles, Adelaide City Park.

West Torrens-Birkalla: L W W
Round 17: MetroStars 2-0 West Torrens-Birkalla, TK Shutter Reserve.
Round 18: West Torrens-Birkalla 3-1 Croydon, Jack Smith Park.
Round 19: West Adelaide 2-4 West Torrens-Birkalla, Adelaide Shores Football Centre.