Junior Boys Chairman Appointment

Junior Boys Chairman Appointment

Adelaide City FC is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Slack to the position of Junior Boys Committee Chairman.

Greg has been a parent at the club for six years and has seen a significant transformation over the last two. “I see many good people at the club who are making a significant contribution, and the results are plain to see” he stated. With the ongoing expansion of the club, the appointment of dedicated management at the junior boys will greatly assist to deliver the best possible playing and development opportunities.

Greg’s involvement in sport and it’s administration is extensive.

He has coached football and cricket teams for 13 years at school, district and SAPSASA levels. He started the football program at Burnside Primary School 14 years ago from a base of zero teams, and eleven AFL teams. In the first year he established three teams and was coach of them all. On his departure from the program, it had eleven football teams and four AFL.

He played district cricket at Kensington District Cricket Club until he was 29 after starting there at age 7. Over the past nine years he has held various positions at the club including treasurer for the past seven, Junior Coordinator, Junior Coach, and numerous management and administration roles at the club.

Over the last 2 years, his major focus was to move the cricket club to be the Premier Cricket Club in South Australia, which commanded best practices at all areas of the club both on and off the field. This substantial task covered governance, management and administration, coaching, finances, technology, volunteers, culture, facilities, performance, juniors, women’s , marketing, sponsorship, community engagement and local government relations. The end result, earlier this year, was Kensington District Cricket Club being named Premier Cricket Club in Australia.

The skills and experience Greg has will no doubt be put to good use at Adelaide City, “I see my role as a communicator and putting in place policies, procedures and codes of conduct, with guidance and input along the way, to help everybody at the club function more efficiently. A team approach is what’s required” he said, adding, “We want players, parents and sponsors to be proud and excited to be involved with us even more than they are now.”

Having his own business has given him financial, administration and business acumen which also allows him time to commit to providing his time and experience to sport.

Football Chairman Alf Ianniello will continue to oversee all operations of the club ensuring a cohesive and integrated structure between it’s five divisions of Men’s, Women’s, Boys’, Girls’, and Collegiate football.

Commencing in the role immediately, Greg regards Adelaide City FC highly with fitting ambition for the club, “Our aim is to have the best coaches coaching our children to be the best they can be and providing opportunities and pathways for them in this wonderful sport in a family friendly environment.”