Rosso Departs Adelaide City Women

Words of wisdom from departing head coach Edoardo Rosso Photo Adam Butler

Rosso Departs Adelaide City Women

After more than a decade of service to Adelaide City FC women’s football, Edoardo Rosso has announced his retirement from the club. His eleven-year tenure as Head Coach and the guiding force behind so much player development and on field achievement has produced much success, and now Rosso will leave the club to take up a new role in his professional life.


Passion for football was with Rosso from a very young age, it was part of growing up in Italy. When he came to Australia, he wanted to continue his football involvement in a new way and began coaching women’s and girls’ teams, going on to coach at club, school and state level.

In 2003 he joined Sturt Marion where he coached for two years, before progressing to Adelaide City in 2005, guiding the Black and White’s for 11 seasons. During this period, he has successfully coached the Premier League team to 5 Premier League titles, 2 FFSA Cups and 6 Charity Cups. These 13 official trophies in 11 season make him the most successful club coach in South Australia.

We caught up with the departing manager to get his reflections on his eleven years at Adelaide City.

What would you regard as the highs of your time with City?photo 4b 

“In terms of on-field success, definitely the back-to-back double championships of 2009/10 when we won two leagues and two cup finals consecutively, not losing a single game for a whole calendar year. That team took about three years to build, but it was an unbelievable team with a lot of true leaders and a true ‘never give up’ spirit. More generally, however, my fondest memories refer to smaller things, such as particular tactical plans that came together particularly well in particularly difficult situations, or the positive work done at training week in week out. And then, there’s the human factor – the respect and affection that you grow for all those collaborators and players that make it all worth.”

And lows?photo 2

“Some may say the too many cup finals that we didn’t win (we played 7, winning 2), but for me the only real lows refer to being unable to address the character flaws of some players who, otherwise, could have been great players. Fortunately, these are only very few and are greatly outnumbered by the many who instead gave me great satisfaction in growing into mature, complete and responsible players and people.”

How do you reflect on your success?photo 4a

“The greatest success for me is not the thirteen titles in eleven seasons – of which I am nevertheless very proud – but the ongoing commitment to produce great football that my teams and my collaborators always displayed and that has been my trademark from day one. I always asked the players not to worry about the result, but about the quality of the team effort and I am very happy to say that – most of the time – our teams have produced the best football in all competitions and have had a clear and strong football identity, both technically and tactically. That, to me, is the measure of my coaching success at the club.”

How do you capture this moment and the move to your next phase?photo 2b

“Leaving the club is indeed a sad, but necessary part of my history as an Adelaide City person. Things start, evolve, if you are lucky they bring some success, and then they finish and leave room to new things. I guess we are now at that point! Having said that, there are memories, feelings and friendships that nobody will ever take away from me or from any of those who today can close their eyes, smile and say “I was there”.

Along with Rosso’s great contribution and accomplishments at Adelaide City, he has also worked with the Universities to pioneer a number of community initiatives to promote health and social development through sports, and in particular football. These community programs have engaged approximately 500 volunteers and over 2500 participants from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Edoardo Rosso has demonstrated his passion and enthusiasm for football time and time again. His conphoto 4tribution to sport and the community in South Australia, to women’s and girls’ football, and to Adelaide City Football Club, has been immense.

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