Welcome Back Chelsie Dawber!

Welcome Back Chelsie Dawber!

Adelaide City is proud to welcome Chelsie Dawber back from Adelaide United, ahead of the 2019 edition of the Women’s National Premier League.

This will be the second season that Dawber will don the Black and White, and she mentions that she is excited to be back with the club and to be around her teammates again.

A hardworking player in midfield, Adelaide City’s attacking prowess will be reinforced with her re-signing.

In her first season with the club last year, she scored 15 goals in 15 matches, including the all-important goal that was the ultimatum in the Grand Final against Metro United, and won City their back-to-back Championship.

“I found it a bit difficult coming into a new team [at first]. I knew of a few people playing for City previously, but I didn’t know them properly. We started to gel towards the end of the season, and I think I did quite well.”

During her time with Adelaide United, Dawber unfortunately developed stress fractures in her left shin, and was unable to play for majority of the season.

“I got concussed, had a month off [from W-League] and then I went back to playing – I think that was a big factor as to why I got injured. “

“[The injury] has probably made me take more of the prehab and post-training stretches more seriously than what I had before, and that I’ll have to look after myself a lot more and do everything possible to stay fit.”

“It’s a big step-up from WNPL to W-League. I think the WNPL is getting a lot stronger from how it’s been, but at the same time W-League has been improving as well. We’ve got to keep pushing in our WNPL to keep up with a similar level, so it’s not such a big jump [when going between leagues].”

The midfielder is on the road to recovery and believes that she will get the green light to return on the pitch by Round 3 of the WNPL season at the earliest.

“I’m looking forward to playing for the whole season, winning against everyone, making finals again and doing the triple, but also at the same time, just having fun with my friends.”


By Chloe Lau