Wellbeing In 2017

Wellbeing In 2017

Adelaide City FC is fortunate to have Mr Vincenzo Libri join the club in 2017 as Wellbeing Director. During the course of the year Vincenzo will provide support and assistance to teams, coaches, parents and players.

He will assist with guidance and mentoring across the club as it expands to take a wholistic approach to football and player development. As part of his contribution, Vincenzo will provide a regular blog with thoughts and perspectives to enhance and build off field attributes and attitudes. Here is the first for season 2017.

Vicenzo Libri – Article 170320

As we enter the 2017 season it is a good opportunity to look at the elite philosophy that Adelaide City is adopting across the club including the junior membership.

I believe that an elite mindset is a good one. Irrespective of whether we talk sport, education or life in general, having an elite approach is often the best way to master any situation. Put simply an elite mindset is a resilient mindset. It is what separates those that succeed from those that don’t and all it requires is a commitment to getting better. A commitment to learning and then putting what we learn into practice.

As parents we all want to see our children do well. Playing at a club that adopts an elite philosophy can assist in exactly that. When we challenge players to learn, develop, practice and then integrate that information into their game, we are putting them on the elite pathway. And it doesn’t stop there. An elite mindset becomes common practice and is applied to all circumstances – sport, school and ultimately life.  In sport we sometimes disagree on strategy, player position or style of play but as parents, coaches and administrators we must encourage our players to accept the challenge, to give their best and to see it through. This is what fosters an elite mindset and is the basis for success in any pursuit.

Vincenzo Libri works with people from all walks of life in helping them achieve their goals and being their best. He is a psychologist focussed on instilling a positive mindset, the author of your positive life and the director of consultancy Human Excellence. Visit www.humanexcellence.com.au and www.vincenzolibri.com to learn more.